Armand Brahaj

Researcher, Software Engineer, Team Leader, Entrepreneur, Activist, Dreamer

Armand Brahaj


I am a Software Engineer turned Manager that has also contributed in the startup of a few initiatives.
Founded my first company while in University around 2001.
First Exit 2019.
Master of Science (2009) and PhD in 2016.
I have lead different teams.


Information Technology and its application in: eParticipation, Scientific Research and new ventures...
Easily distracted and inspired by Cultural and Linguistic projects.
I do tweet and blog. Opinions expressed online are mine and my views change with new information.

Some of the Projects Involved

Zana Technologies GmbH

Chieft Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Zana is a health-tech company innovating in the field of Conversational AI and AI driven biomarkers.
At Zana I achieved the following milestones:

  • Responsible for the strategy and technology development, growing and leading a team of 12 people
  • Led the developments for the Conversational AI Platform and Remote Patient Monitoring Suite of products.
  • Managed the implementations of a Digital Trial Patient Companion under contract from {NDA} Pharma Company.
  • Led the implementations and integrations of Zana Health Watch and the accompanying mobile app.
  • Led the successful implementation of DiCO “Digital Companion for intelligent consultation and interactive experience for digital transformation in care” funded by the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
  • Managed the team working in the developments for project UNISONO, a project on novel sensor system with AI-driven biomarkers funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
  • Coordinated successful implementation of numerous commercial projects.

Rubicon Sh.a. (PAGO Albania)

Founder - Executive Officer
Rubicon is an Electronic Money Institution licensed by the Central Bank of Albania and MasterCard Principal Member.
As an EMI, Rubicon acts as a neo-bank through its main client facing product Pago (tm). Pago digital banking application can be downloaded from
The following are some key milestones of my journey with Rubicon:

  • Spearheaded the entire process of obtaining the Neo-banking license (EMI) with the Central Bank.
  • Led the process of obtaining the license as MasterCard Principal Member.
  • Led and executed the entire in-house implementation of the Core Banking System in scalable technology architecture.
  • Led the in-house development of the digital banking app for
  • Managed the integration with the Payment Card Processor in Card Issuing and Acquiring activities.
  • Ensured successful product upgrades and integration with B2B partners.
  • Coordinated the implementation of a Back-Office solution across different departments (finance, compliance, regulation and IT).
  • Processed over 10M€ in transactions on the first year of operations.
  • Negotiated and led 2 financing rounds of total 1.77M€ for Rubicon Sh.a.

Initially owned about 54% together with my partner, at the moment holding about 17%.

Java Rentals (Seven)

Car rental in Tirana
Every summer I was frustrated due to lack of cars. I decided to create my own car rental company (and never suffer from lack of a car on those summer days; spoiler: on Y1 all cars were rented out and I was still left without a car :( ).
The problem with lack of resources at peak times is hard to tackle and probably a hybrid version were citizens rent their cars in summer should be explored.

New Ventures Shpk

Software Development Company
At core it serves as a daughter to Zana Technologies GmbH, offering resources to it; but it also covers for RealBookers Project and other personal projects before they are moved to their own space.

Batemma UG

An investment company; created to finance initially Zana Technologies GmbH. Up to date there are no further activities.

MyOffice'AL CoWorking Space

MyOffice'AL is a coworking space in Tirana, the capital of Albania providing the space, community, and social interactions for freelancers and professionals. MyOffice'AL opened doors for everyone on February 2015.

Sold January 2019
At the sale moment, was the largest .al domain registrar in the country with about 40% market share.

Repurchased the company in September 2023
The company is still the largets .al domain registrar and in a few months it was again on the 8-12% yearly domains increase. At the moment I control 80% of the company.

Open Data Albania

Open Data Albania (ODA) is a project aiming to preserve governmental data and provide additional structuring of public data.
The first phase of the project was planned to be 6 month, but this was followed by 2 more funding phases and the project is still ongoing and highly influential in the region.
As 2011, the project was further maintained by Albanian Institute of Science (AIS).

Shqiperia.Com - Albanian Portal

Founder is one of the most influential web portals in Albania.
Launched in 2001, the website had always attracted a large number of visitors.
This is one my first and still one of my dearest projects.
The company operates under ShqiperiaCom Shpk.


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Ph.D., Information Management

University of Applied Sciences Offenburg

Master of Science (MSc), Communication and Media Engineering

University of Tirana

Diplom, Informatics (Computer Programming)


Feel free to approach me in one of the following languages: Albanian, English, Italian and German.

Projects and References

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